Mini-Z Formula Boat
Immaculately finished realism in a palmtop size! Small in size, but huge in performance!
Enjoy the fun and thrills of the Mini-Z of the water.

Trust Goodies No.30No.40401TG-30
Ligier Sports No.17No.40401LS-17
Ligier Sports No.18No.40401LS-18
Advance Car sport

Speed controllers for brushless motors are designed for best results with any type of motors and accumulators.
Advance CAR (for cars models)

- usable with all types of accus
- automatic brake in neutral position
- 4 step current limiter
- power limit 50% for reverse operation
- BEC 3A peak
- mechanical and water rezistance
- Prog Card is supplied together with controller

dimensions: 56 x 27 x 17 mm

weight: 70 g

Accu NiXX / LiXX: 5-8 / 2-3