KYOSHO MINI-Z RACER MR-015 SERIES °g§A»»±±¨®¨t¦C> Toyota Estima with EL Lights (Neon Tubes)

Dim the lights in your room and drive around slowly to see the floor light up around car. The coolest van around the streets is now lighting up on the Mini-Z Racer. But due to the super quick MR-015 MM-type chassis base, this Estima can do things that the real one can¡¦t! Now you can enjoy something just a little bit different.
Neon tubes are included as standard - not an option. And the use of the special EL current means minimal power consumption so there¡¦s still plenty of battery power and run time. You can even lower the chassis and add other lights as options for even more chic.
The EL light equipped Estima shows a new way to trick up your mini machine!
You can even convert to the MR-02 chassis by purchasing the required parts.

- Body is already equipped with EL Lights that put out plenty of light, but don¡¦t chew up much energy.

- The long wheelbase of the MR-015 MM-type chassis allows real shape of the Estima to shine through.

- The only shared component with the MR-01 chassis is the battery holder. However there are many shared parts with the high performance MR-02.

- Equipped with door mirrors made from strong, shock resistant material.

- Ribs inside the battery box contribute to the chassis¡¦ strength.

- Coil springs on the tie-rods and front suspension can be installed/removed with one-touch for easy maintenance.

- Digital steering servo maintains tight control of the mini van body with neon lights.

- Features one-piece high-frequency FET speed control amp - receiver - servo amp.

- Can be converted to MR-02 by purchasing required parts.